Ultimate Efficiency, Unmatched Fuel Economy, Endless Adventure

Experience Off-the-Grid Freedom with the Deal Island 50 & 55

An ultra long-range cruising vessel, she is a masterclass in efficiency, offering exceptional fuel economy for extended cruising, or exhilarating day trips. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional power sources – the Deal Island 50 & 55 is your ticket to off-the-grid freedom, eliminating the need for nightly marina plug-ins.

Experience the warmth and comfort of home with next-level finishing that seamlessly blends timeless design with cutting-edge technology. Drawing inspiration from the iconic “Down East” lobster boat, this vessel boasts sleek lines and a fine entry, coupled with a moderate draft to effortlessly slice through waves while maintaining stability in varying sea conditions. Whether you’re navigating open waters or on daily coastal adventures, the Deal Island 50 & 55 sets the standard for performance, style and eco-conscious exploration.

Explore Further, Stay Longer, Live Freer