Frequently Asked Questions

Boat Listings & Boat Sales
I would like to sell my boat. Am I able to list it on The Wooden Boatshop website?
Yes, if your boat meets our criteria as a classic wooden boat of historical significance. If not, we are unfortunately unable to endorse your boat. Our listings are Australia-wide and not International at this time. 

How do I get my boat listing up on your website? Are you brokers?
We are not brokers. We charge a one-off fee of $300 + GST for the listing. Interested parties will be in touch with the seller directly – we are not involved in the sale whatsoever. We are excited to offer our services for handling photography and video campaigns. Please direct enquiries here.

If we have agreed to list your boat, we require the following information.
1.   Boat name
2.   Boat location
3.   Clear, high-resolution images of the boat exterior and interior
4.   Boat builder, year built, materials used as well as length and beam
5.   Type of engine
6.   Current condition of boat as well as any significant upkeep
7.   Brief history of the boat in dot points
8.   Contact name and phone number of seller

I am about to buy a boat, are you able to conduct a pre-purchase inspection?
Yes. We can conduct pre-purchase inspections.

I need a survey for my insurance, are you able to help me?
Yes, we conduct surveys for insurance purposes.

Boat Range
I am interested in purchasing a boat from your boat range, could I please have a quote / lead time / more information?
Please direct enquires here. We will try to return your enquiry ASAP.

Can I organise a sea trial on a boat from your range?
Yes. Please email to arrange a time.

Where are your boats built?
Our manufacturing and boatbuilding is 100% Australian – built by local tradesmen at our factories in Sorrento & Queenscliff.

Do you have a pricelist for your boatyard services?
Yes. Here is an updated pricelist for 2022.

I would like to enquire about a job, or to see if you have any job openings.
We’re always on the lookout for talented candidates to join our team. Please email Wayne to arrange a meeting.

Online Store
Where can you ship?
We ship all items nationally within Australia and internationally  – to North America, Canada, New Zealand, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany.

I am looking for a specific bronze fitting, do you have it in your shop?
Our bespoke bronze fittings are all on our online store. If it’s not listed its more than likely we do not stock it.

How quickly are orders sent?
ASAP. We try to process orders same-day, and we send with Australia Post Express.

What is your return policy? 
Customers can return items that have not been used within a reasonable time frame. We will provide a full refund for the item, not inclusive of shipping or freight charges.

VSR Charter
I am travelling to Melbourne for a regatta, is there a possibility I can charter a VSR for my coach?
Yes. We can provide VSR charter depending on availability. Please get in touch with us well ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

I have a flagpole but I’m not sure what size flag I should fly?
The general rule is one yard per 10 foot of pole.

Can you please give me a run down on flagpole etiquette?
Sure! Check out this document.

My flag seems to wear out quickly, is this normal? Flown in strong wind conditions flags tend to wear out. To extend a flags life ensure your flag is removed at night and re-stitched when needed. You may also consider removing your flag under strong or gale force winds.