Vision Statement

A well lived, uniquely Australian life!

We see boating and an affinity with the sea as an intrinsic aspect to the fabric of Australian lifestyle and envision a future where its joys and pleasures are widespread, ubiquitous, and sustainable.

Our new boat storage facility in Sorrento supports The Wooden Boatshop’s vision of boating made simple and easy. Over his lifetime Tim Phillips OAM has built a rich culture of boating on the Southern Mornington Peninsula, and we aim to continue to support its growth into the future.

Enhancing beauty & style in Sorrento

Our new building will be an incredible structure, and a much-needed update to our site of 39 years. Critically acclaimed architect March Studio have envisaged a virtuosic building that aims to nestle into its natural surrounds. The façade is made of Coreten steel, specifically designed to elevate the aesthetic and feel of our beautiful local coastline and its material elements.

A trajectory toward sustainability

In demonstrating our respect and awe for the environment, our focus on creating a sustainable business practice is well on its way. Once our new facility is complete, The Wooden Boatshop will become completely self-sufficient.

  • 39kw solar system with 73 panels, each a massive 540W
  • SOLAREDGE, an optimized inverter technology that analyses & maximises individual panel output & provides real-time data on energy collection

Electric vehicles & charging
  • Our first electric car in the fleet has been purchased. As our solar array expands, so will our fleet.
  • Provide our staff with free EV charging of company and privately-owned vehicles
  • Wiggins E-Bull electric fork, the first of its kind in Australia
  • The Jungheinrich fork
  • 5x EV charging stations that utilize excess solar only, meaning our fleet will be charged by our own 100% green power

Draining & runoff
  • Flood mitigation system & on-site soaker pit, meaning all runoff is filtered

Later phases
  • Increasing solar collection to all buildings – eventually 160-200k or onsite collection
  • Increase EV charging capacity to 20+ vehicles
  • Electrification of all heating & hot water systems to run on solar
  • Energy swap with our other sites through POWERLEDGER’S blockchain driven energy trading, ensuring we’re self sufficient for all energy actoss all sites
  • Phasing out of all fossil-fuel driven cars & vans
  • Electric work boats

100% Australian, through & through.

129 Hotham Road, Sorrento, Victoria
Australia, 3943