Cheviot 32


A smooth ride, always

A design reminiscent of the highly regarded Maine Lobster Boat, the Cheviot 32 is an extraordinary cruising boat. The compact hull and efficient, fast design make for a vessel highly capable of long ocean voyages. She handles well in a sea and is a smooth ride in all imaginable conditions.

The seafaring capabilities of the Cheviot 32 will astonish you!

The Cheviot’s cabin layout is surprisingly spacious, and includes two berths, a bathroom, galley, and large, comfortable lounge. The all-timber hull is mechanically fastened, and epoxy sheathed, with a traditional, solid wood cabin and laid decks. There is no doubt the Cheviot 32 delivers the best we have to offer, encompassing The Wooden Boatshop ethos of going above and beyond, always.


Length        32
Beam        10’10"
Draft        3’1"
Power        Yanmar 6BY2 260hp

Top Speed        20+ knots
Cruising Speed        15 knots
Displacement         4500 kg

Design Features

︎     Completely self-sufficient
Solar panels for power, 240V power and large fridge means you can be completely self-reliant.

︎    State of the art navigation system
Gives you the capacity to travel anywhere, anytime.

︎    Bow thruster & anchor winch
Makes pulling into a jetty or marina extremely easy and hassle-free.

︎    Walk thru transom
Swimming, diving and fishing wonderfully easy and relaxing.

Please Note
The Cheviot 32 was part of our range from 2004-2012.  Chevymaid was the last boat built in 2012. We have since optimized the experience of handling and cruising in these boats, and have upgraded the Cheviot 32 to the Shearwater 38.