Shearwater 38


Shearwaters are an extraordinary species of bird. They’re endemic to Australia, and spend winters in the Northern Hemisphere, journeying from Tasmania to Alaska or Japan many times over the course of their long lives. Not only do these birds traverse enormous distances, but they’re also spectacular to observe. The Shearwater’s glide effortlessly and gracefully over rolling ocean waves, a mere flutter of their wings propelling them to soar through the air at a magnificent pace.  

An absolute powerhouse

Like its namesake, our Shearwater 38 is an absolute powerhouse capable of traversing awesome distances. The boat offers the spectacular sights of the open ocean and encapsulates the best blend of modern technology and classic, beautiful design. The boat has evolved from our Cheviot 32 and is the result of a rigorous design process spanning a lifetime of seafaring. Every aspect of the Shearwater caters to practicality, comfort, and ease; this boat expands horizons.


Length        38'
Beam        12'

Draft        3'6"

Power        Yanmar LY440, Max 440hp diesel @ 3300 rpm
Top Speed         23 knots
Cruising Speed         15 knots
Water Capacity         300 L

Fuel Capacity        1200 L

Displacement        6000 kg

Design Features

︎     Enormous fuel tanks
Excellent fuel storage giving the ability to cover vast distances

︎    Advanced electrical systems Including navigation software, radio, television, as well as auto pilot systems

︎    Twin berths One large double birth as well as a twin berth for longer journeys among friends

︎    Incredible 360° views
Glass interior cabin accentuates the incredible views you’ll no doubt encounter in the Shearwater 38. The dual sunroof floods the cabin with sunlight and the large doors enclose the space or open it right up for those warm summer days

︎    Wood heater
For those colder evenings our wood heater makes the cabin extraordinarily cosy


Rigour and craft

The connecting tissue supporting our boat range, and the ethos driving us to craft outstanding boats rests on the foundation of the “working boat”. We believe and trust in boats that have proven themselves by supporting fishermen and communities, and relish in the significance of history, pedigree and the charming stories that are often lost to the annals of history. Every boat comes with a story, and our Shearwater 38 is a boat with a seriously beautiful history.

Our Shearwater 38 evolved from the Cheviot 32 – a boat reminiscent of the hugely successful Maine Lobster Boat. Designed by The Wooden Boatshop the Shearwater 38 is a testament to years cruising, fishing, and boating along the Australian coastline. Tim Phillips OAM, Director of The Wooden Boatshop, has spent his lifetime testing the seafaring capabilities of the Cheviot 32. The Shearwater arrives courtesy of this experience, and a long, rigorous process of constant refinement and expert craftsmanship.

The Shearwater takes its name from the magnificent species of bird that traverses awesome distances, summering in the waters of Bass Strait and flying northeast to the Arctic during winter. The birds are graceful and fast, using the upward lift of the waves to maintain an incredible pace, effortlessly gliding through the air. Like its namesake, our Shearwater 38 is both capable of travelling vast ocean distances, and will do so with class and style, exactly like that of its namesake.

Unique memories worth treasuring...


“We are excited to offer a new boat that is the culmination of all of our experiences on and off the water with production of over 40 launches, backed by leading edge design and systems. Imagine cruising Shearwater overnight to Hobart on one tank of fuel.”

Shipwright, The Wooden Boatshop

“We have carefully designed every element for this particular boat and have thought about all aspects of how this boat will be used, based upon our own experiences and challenges at sea. We have equipped her with every convienance required for day boating and extended cruising, whilst retaining the traditional feel of a real wooden boat. The total package exceeds what is offered by the fibreglass boats available on the market today”

Director, The Wooden Boatshop