Purchase Process

Hand crafted by us, in Australia… purchase direct from our factory!

Purchasing a boat from us is easy and straightforward, but more than that, buyers find it to be a highly rewarding and enriching experience. The journey toward owning a Wooden Boatshop build is highly unique. Unlike the dealership model, clients are purchasing direct from our factory in Australia, where quality, service and craftmanship is of the utmost importance. Our builds are completely custom and bespoke – hand crafted from the beginning through to the finer details. Clients often work with us multiple times over, loving the experience of observing their dreams come to life that they commission multiple projects over the years.

A highly enriching experience

Once you decide you’re interested in purchasing a boat from The Wooden Boatshop, we’ll give an indication of pricing and options that may be suitable for your boating requirements and budget. We’ll take you for a sea trial and offer inspections from our range so you’re able to make the best, most informed decision of your life.

Bespoke, from beginning to end

Once you’ve settled on a decision, we’ll give you a lead time of the exciting new build. Our shipwright will discuss the various options available in terms of final styling, upholstery, optional mechanical systems and so on. Every part of the building process is completely bespoke, hand tailored to suit your desires.

The journey is just as great as the destination

Watching the boat take form is an awesome process to observe. Client’s love popping into our factory in Sorrento and Queenscliff to watch their boats take shape, and chat with our craftsmen about the technical aspects. Afterall, we are a highly unique and specialised service. Watching the dream take shape is half the fun.

Realising the dream!

Upon completion of your craft, we’ll celebrate the launch (at Sorrento or elsewhere) and undertake a handover period where our specialists run you through the systems and show you how to manoeuvre and drive the boat. We’ll make sure you’re feeling competent and then we hand over the keys!