We have vast experience in all aspects of boat rigging and architectural rigging. Our rigging loft is equipped with a roll swage machine capable of swaging up to 10mm and Talurit swaging equipment up to 8mm.
Our loft carries a stock of various 316 wire 1x19 and 7x19 up to 6mm, dyform wire and 7x7 galvanised rigging wire to 3/8” in stock for hand splicing. We have a selection of swage ferruls and thimbles for both hand and hydraulic Talurit swaging. The chandlery stocks roll swage terminals, t-ball fittings, toggles, eyes and forks in common sizes.

We are specialists in design and manufacture of traditional boat rigs and rigging. We offer marlin spike work including decorative knots and hand finished leather work.

A vast range of rope is stocked in our chandlery, traditional 3 strand ropes manila, nylon and silver rope. Braided rope, polyester, dyneema and spectra from various manufacturers Liros, Whittam, Marlow and English Braids.

  • Yacht rigging services re-rigs and repairs
  • Seldon furler installation and service
  • Architectural rigging, balustrades, decorative ropes
  • Rope work, splicing of braids, 3 strand, anchor rodes, mooring ropes
  • Wooden mast and spar, design and construction
  • Mast fittings and wooden blocks
  • Dynex Dux rigging
  • Ronstan, Harken, Spinlock and Wichard products

Photos by Will Baillieu.