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Bronze Boat Fittings

Toilet Roll Holder 

Bronze toilet roll holder to be used aboard you boat or at home.

Bulkhead Light

Bronze marine bulkhead light for the cabin of your boat or home. Includes frosted lens, diffused light, and LED globe in tungsten and a push button switch.  The switch is located on the side of the light. Diameter: 118mm
Lens: 89mm

Bronze Handle

 A general-purpose bronze cabinet handle typically used throughout our boat range, but also a popular item for use at home.

Coat Hook

Traditional screw mount bronze coat hook.


This bronze deck cleat comes in five sizes. The large and x-large are to be used as a deck cleat in a marina context.
X-Small L.O.A: 85mm
Small L.O.A: 160mm
Medium L.O.A: 200mm
Large L.O.A: 300mm
X-Large L.O.A: 365mm

Square Hinge

Square bronze hinge to be typically used on a table (flush, 180-degree bend).
L.O.A: 79mm

Round Hinge

Round bronze Hinge to typically be used on a hatch (flush, 180-degree bend).
L.O.A: 129mm
Width: 37mm

Hasp & Staple

Traditionally designed bronze hasp and staple for use in your boat's cabin.
L.O.A: 102mm
Height: 27mm
Width: 34mm

Transom Hinge

Bronze hinge typically used for transom board, swim platform or scuttle doors. Generally, two transom board hinges are needed per platform. *The hinges are not reversable, please select carefully.

Handrail Fitting [Middle]

Middle bronze fitting for a handrail, ideal for towel racks and tops of cabins on boats. Can be fitted with copper or timber tubing. 

Small I.D: 25mm
Large I.D: 32mm

Handrail Fitting [End]

End bronze fitting for a handrail, ideal for towel racks and tops of cabins on boats. Can be fitted with copper or timber tubing.
Small I.D: 25mm
Large I.D: 32mm

Hatch Latch

Bronze Hatch Latch, holdown.
O.D: 79mm
Height: 82mm
Hatch Length: 91mm

Ring Pull [Hatch Pull]

Bronze ring pull sits completely flush on deck or floorboards.
Upper O.D: 62mm
Lower O.D: 38mm
I.D: 37mm
Depth: 11mm

Drink Holder

Handmade bronze drink holder typically used on our boats.

Fishing Rod Holder

Bronze Fishing Rod Holder is flush, deck-mounted.

L.O.A: 276mm
I.D: 49mm
O.D: 51mm
Base: O.D: 82mm

Deck Plate

Bronze deck plate - can also be used as a drain bung, sits completely flush with deck.


Bronze rowlocks for holding oars in place in small dinghies. Two sizes available, please select carefully.
*Sold individually, please purchase x2 for a pair.
Small: 12mm
Large: 16mm

Rowlock Plates

Bronze rowlock plates suitable for a dinghy or a small sailing boat. Two sizes available, please select carefully. *Sold individually, please purchase x2 for a pair.
Small I.D: 12mm
Large I.D: 15mm

Flagstaff Socket Transom Mount

Angled socket for Flagstaff, comes in two sizes.
Small: 31mm
Large: 38mm

Navigational Lights [Small]

Bronze navigation light with LED port/starboard lights. Comes in two sizes, please choose carefully.
Small LOA: 153mm
Large LOA: 178mm


Sorrento in bronze letters.

Registered Fishing Boat [RFB]

RFB for Couta Boat.

Lacco Scroll

The Lacco scroll is permitted for use on known Lacco-built boats. The scroll is akin to a signature and SHOULD NOT be used on boats not known to be Lacco-built.
Width: 52mm
Height: 29mm

Bronze Cover Buttons

Sold individually.

Boat Hook

Bronze boat hook, end only (no handle).
*We also have available floating boat hooks with teak handles. ie. floats with handle facing upward when dropped overboard. 
[Size: 2m, 2.6m, 2.9m]
L.O.A: 225mm
OD: 45mm
I.D: 41mm - 30mm
Hook Length: 52mm

Eye Bolt 

Bronze eye bolt, comes in five sizes, please choose carefully.

Belaying Pin

Belaying pin comes in four sizes. 
X-Small LOA: 152mm
Small LOA: 203mm
Medium LOA: 254mm
Large: 370mm

Spiderband Belaying Pin

Suits spiderbands.
L.O.A: 145mm

Boom Pin

Suits boom gooseneck.
L.O.A: 180mm

Bobstay Band

Bobstay band, suits 88mm - 114mm stem. The bobstay band has an old type or a new type, please choose carefully.

Chain Plate [X-Small]

Bronze chain plate comes in five different sizes, please choose carefully.
X-Small: suits a dinghy
Small: suits 18’ boat
Medium: suits 20-22’ boat
Large: Suits 20-24’ boat
X-Large: suits 26’ Couta Boat

Chain Plate Bolt - Stock

A bronze rod for making chain plate bolts.
25mm - 304mm

Chain Plate Bolt

diameter: 25mm

thickness: 5mm
diameter: 12mm

length: 25mm


Bronze thimble comes in two different sizes. 
Small LOA: 65mm
Large LOA: 76mm


Sheave - for a centreplate or bowsprit on a Couta Boat. Two different sizes, please choose carefully.

Small length: 76mm
Large length: 95mm

Block Sheave

Length: 72mm
Diameter: 20mm
Hole: 12mm

Gudgeon Pin

Standard size:
L.O.A: 170mm
Diameter: 19mm

L.O.A: 152mm
Diameter: 20mm

L.O.A: 152mm
Diameter: 25mm

Cat Whisker Plate 

Small LOA: 145mm
Medium LOA: 190mm (suits Couta Boat)
Large LOA: 242mm (suits 26’ Couta Boat)

Pad Eye for Mainsheet Traveler Uphaul

Couta Boat mainsheet traveller up-haul.
L.O.A: 117mm

Mast Cap 

X-Small: dinghy mast cap
Top I.D: 38mm
Bottom O.D: 44mm

Small:  jibboom 
Top I.D: 69mm
Bottom O.D: 62mm

Medium: 4 lugs
Top I.D: 114mm
Bottom O.D: 133mm

Large: 6 lugs
Top I.D: 114mm
Bottom O.D:  113mm

X-Large: 26’ Couta Boat
Top I.D: 68mm
Bottom O.D: 102mm

Jibboom Cap

Jibboom cap – tapered. For a 26’ Couta Boat.
Top I.D: 55mm
Bottom O.D: 67mm


Suits wooden bow chock.

Length: 76mm
Diameter: 82mm

Length: 47mm
Diameter: 63mm

Length: 63mm
Diameter: 63mm

Length: 57mm
Diameter: 44mm

Suits single deck track
Length: 19mm
Diameter: 38mm

Rudder Gudgeon

X-Small: for a dinghy
L.O.A: 133mm

Small LOA: 172mm
I.D: 34mm

Medium LOA: 280mm
I.D: 44mm

Large LOA: 370mm
I.D: 32mm

Rudder D-Bolt 

Small: for a dinghy
L.O.A: 165mm
Diameter: 9mm

Large: for a Couta Boat
L.O.A: 266mm
Diameter: 18mm

Tiller Arm

Two sizes.

Deck Track

Lengths of 1000mm per piece Measurements may vary slightly, as such tracks may need some machining for perfect headsail car fit.

Double Sheave Car Assembly

3 parts.
- Headsail car base
- Sheave headsail car
-Sheave pattern

Lower Rudder Base & Pintle

Lower O.D: 61mm
O.D: 21mm
Width: 89mm
Height: 88mm
L.O.A: 142mm

Gooseneck Fitting for Tabernacle Wide

Facilitates mast lowering with boom in position.
L.O.A: 95mm
W.O.A: 200mm

Cutless Bearing Holder

Small: suits 25mm - 31mm shaft
Large: suits 38mm - 44mm shaft.


For wire fence around a boat. Can be made to order - price will vary.
L.O.A:  620mm

Jibboom Irons

X-Small: for a dinghy
I.D: 47mm
Small I.D: 95mm
Medium I.D: 101mm
Large I.D: 111mm


Four sizes available, includes belaying pins. X-Small: 101mm 
Small: 114mm
Medium: 127mm
Large: 145mm

Stem Fitting

X-Small: for use with a 63mm stem
Small: for use with a 76mm stem
Medium: for use with a 95mm stem
Large: for use with a 101mm stem

Anchor Bow Sprit

Length: 540mm
I.D: 65mm

Table Base

I.D: 60mm
O.D: 180mm
Height: 50mm

Folding Table

The Wooden Boatshop designed folding table.

Small: Suitable for a Nepean Launch

Large: Suitable for a Cheviot 32 or larger

100% Australian Made.

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Australia, 3943