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Yachting legend ready for her next chapter

Just as a face shows age and character, Yeulba intrigues in the same way. She’s interesting to look at, and my word, does the old girl have a story to tell.

Searching the National Library web site revealed an overwhelming response of newspaper articles that unveil a unique perspective of yachting through the ages, told by Yeulba herself. Linking generations, and a champion of four states, Yeulba, you could say is a bit of a Pharlap type hero, a legend of boats!

With Yeulba we have the opportunity to continue a journey from the past. To save important links that are so often lost with the passing of each generation. Under the plywood, fiberglass and stainless steel she is still very much alive. Her prize New Zealand Kauri planking and mysterious eye-catching hull remain true to form and original. Yeulba is ready to open another chapter and take you on a journey. Salvation for this near forgotten treasure, and a sailing adventure of a lifetime, worthy of the history books, is what we have on offer.

In scratching the surface of her past, a picture of Yeulba’s significance develops and it becomes clear that we are dealing with a national treasure. Her wider connections to yachting, the evolution of our sport and nation is no doubt worthy of a book, far more intricate than I am able to cover in this proposal. I say with confidence that she should moor alongside Australia II and certainly ranks in significance above any other yacht still in existence from our yachting hall of fame.
Our intention is to find a syndicate or individual to throw Yeulba a hawser and enable a restoration true to her 1901 configuration and finish. An outcome that will give her new owners a beautiful yacht of distinction, unique and practical, ready for shipping, competing locally and worldwide in any of the world’s prestigious classic yacht regattas.

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