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Rudder Fittings

Rudder Fittings

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Rudder Pin (Standard size)

Product code: CA357

$39.95 Ex Tax: $36.32

Rudder Pin 20mm (Oversize)

Product code: CA357-OS1

$42.95 Ex Tax: $39.05

Rudder Pin 25mm (Oversize)

Product code: CA357-OS2

$45.95 Ex Tax: $41.77

Lower Rudder Base and Pintle

Product code: CA361

$279.95 Ex Tax: $279.95

Rudder D Bolt - Large

Product code: CA340

$93.59 Ex Tax: $93.59

Rudder D Bolt - Small

Product code: CA338

$30.86 Ex Tax: $30.86

Rudder Box Gudgeon - Dinghy

Product code: CA337

$31.77 Ex Tax: $31.77