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"Most Collectable boat in Australia"

Yeulba (ex Culwulla) the iconic 1901 Logan built yacht sits in our workshop in need of restoration to ensure her survival. This is the best example of this type of yacht and she has a truly remarkable history.

A 30’ lineal rater, predecessor and participant of the modern 8m rule, champion of four states, over one hundred years old, with her name on the most prestigious trophies, Yeulba is a yacht that is a a significant part of Australian yachting history.

Yuelba is a beauty with her classic design combined with her careful restoration giving her the 'state of the art' comforts of a new boat! The Wooden Boat Shop staff take pride in the restoration of beautiful vessels with a rich history like this one.

With Yeulba, we have the opportunity to continue a journey from the past, to save important links that are so often lost with the passing of each generation. Under the plywood, fiberglass and stainless steel she is still very much alive. Her prize New Zealand Kauri planking and mysterious eye catching hull remain true to form and original. Yeulba is ready to open another chapter and take you on a journey. Salvation for this near forgotton treasure, and a sailing adventure of a lifetime, worthy of the history books, is what we have on offer.

In scratching the surface of her past, a picture of Yeulba’s significance develops and it becomes clear that we are dealing with a national treasure. Her wider connections to yachting, the evolution of our sport and nation is no doubt worthy of a book, far more intricate than I am able to cover in this proposal. I say with confidence that she should moor alongside Australia II and certainly ranks in significance above any other yacht still in existence from our yachting hall of fame.

Saving the Yeulba means enabling a restoration true to her 1901 configuration and finish. The outcome will give her new owners a beautiful yacht of distinction, unique and practical, ready for shipping, competing locally and worldwide in any of the world’s prestigious classic yacht regattas. 


Main Particulars

Loa- 42’ 6” Beam-7’10” Draft- 5’


Planking- Double skin New Zealand Kauri planking, original.
Frames- Laminated fl oors and ring frames throughout.
Fastenings- Copper and silicon bronze.
Ballast- Original lead ballast keel
Gunnels- Original


Painting and Varnish

All exterior paintwork to comprise a minimum of two (2) coats of epoxy primer
undercoat, two (2) coats of polyurethane gloss to colour specifi cation.
Antifouled below waterline.
Varnish to be advised, either Sikens Cetol or Altex polyurethane is
recommended. Deck to be oiled.



Type- Pole masted, gaff cutter with jackyard topsail.
Mast- Sitka Spruce, hollow birdsmouth construction.
Spars- Include gaff, boom, jack yard, topsail yard, spinnaker pole and jiboom,
laminated Sitka Spruce.
Standing Rigging- Synthetic fi bre, spliced, served and leathered in the traditional manner.
Running Rigging- White polyester laid rope, spliced and whipped to fi nish.
Blocks- Teak shell blocks with ball bearing sheaves



Deck, rudder and rig hardware to be bronze.

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