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The Last Cape Horners

The last Cape Horners is a journey through time that links two unlikely places, Port Victoria in Australia and the Aland Islands of Finland. There was also scattering of adventurers who could see that this was the last hurrah of the beautiful sailing ship.
Three of these adventurers took movie cameras to record the living and working conditions on board. Some of their unique footage is used in this DVD. Now old men, the Cape Horners of Australia and Finland, happily share their stories. Some speak of the romance of the sea, others shudder at the terrible conditions, but all agree it was an experience that shaped their lives and one they would not have missed for the world.
Dvd: 73 minutes

Trading Out of Stanley

Now a quiet fishing village and holiday destination, picturesque Stanley lies on Tasmania's north west coast. For 160 years it was a bustling trading port with timber and farm produce being its main exports. In this DVD we hear from seamen show worked the little ships as well as the Islanders who earned a hard and honest living grazing livestock and mutton birding.
Dvd: 90 minutes

The Oldest Living Tasmanian

Tasmania’s Huon Pine tree lives for 3,000 years and is the oldest living thing in the Southern Hemisphere. But its timber never rots and is so valuable that men have died attempting to obtain it.

For the last two centuries Huon Pine was deemed the world’s most valuable boat-building timber. But nature doesn’t give up her riches easily! Stands of Huon Pine are elusive and only found in inaccessible parts of Tasmania. The Piners that ventured into this wild terrain to retrieve the timber were some of the most resourceful Bushmen in Australia’s history.

There has never before been a film made on this important era in Australian history. This film has  interviewed the last surviving Piners who are well over 80 years old. This film was the last project these men were involved in so it’s the only documentary record of their untold stories.

This documentary combines history and culture into a narrative that symbolizes the struggle between man and his environment. It tells the previously untold story of Australia’s most prized tree and the pioneering and dangerous journeys of the men who sought it.

The Couta Boat

The story of the Couta boats which evolved to sail to fish for Barracuda off the rugged Victorian coast. In recent years they have made a remarkable comeback as pleasure craft through their rugged simplicity, ease of sailing, versatility, and their direct link with our maritime heritage. Much of their story is told by men who actually built and fished in them in the 1930’s. Includes new and archival footage, some dating from 1915, plus dozens of period photos.
Dvd: 110 minutes

Pearl Shell Divers

Having just done a three-day hard-hat course, I am of course an expert on the dangers that the early pearl divers faced. But did they know of the dangers! They saw the results of the bends but did they know how to prevent them? Were they so desperate to earn a living that they had to face the unknown ‘terrors of the deep’ – the sharks, huge groupers and giant clams? Garry Kerr’s excellent DVD answers these questions through the candid, fascinating, interviews with some of the men who donned a hard-hat on Thursday Island after the war – after the Japanese, who had dominated the pearling industry prior to the Pacific War, had departed the island. We must be grateful to Garry Kerr for recording the memories of these most courageous divers now well into their twilight years. Of further interest in the documentary movie is several very interesting extracts of a 1970s government film unit documentary called ‘Pearlers of the Coral Seas’, and the famous Chips Rafferty film ‘King of the Coral Sea’, which, incidentally, gave Rod Taylor his start.
Dvd: 60 minutes

Two Men in a Punt

The Huon pine grows in the wet temperate rainforests of Tasmania. Slow growing, some trees have been dated at over three thousand years old. Fine grained, stable and containing a special oil which inhibits rot, it was quickly recognised by the pioneers as ideal for boat building and a host of other uses. This DVD follows in the wake of the old piners - the men who logged the Huon pine - and is enriched by interviews whose content dates back to the 1930s.
Dvd: 96 minutes

First Home

This large format coffee-table book traces the history of a distinctly Australian fishing boat and culture. This hardback book, by Michael Innes and Steve Burnham, records the rich but almost forgotton story
of the classic couta boat that fished the stormy waters of Bass Strait off Victoria’s west coast.

More than 200 previously unpublished photos and scores of fishermen’s tales chronicle a voyage of rediscovery. Along the way, the “couta coast” appears, an important addition to Australia’s maritime heritage and historical record.

Wooden Boat Shop Hat

Wooden Boat Shop hat for sun protection. Breathable nylon vents, made with polyester. Matte fabric.

Stubbie Holder

Stubbie holder for keeping drinks cool, with Wooden Boat Shop logo. 

Code Flag Beach Tote Bag

Made using offcute materials by Geoff, our resident sail-maker.

Canvas Fender

370 x 300 x 100mm

480 x 380 x 180mm

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